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Bitcoin in the Beltway: Another Bitcoin Conference

Gear up for another Bitcoin conference. Bitcoin in the Beltway is a weirdly named Bitcoin conference (yes, it is still weirdly named even if it is happening in DC) that is going to take place in Washington DC from June 20th to June 22nd. The list of speakers is surprisingly good – from Jeff Garzik to Brock Pierce. However, like the conference in Atlanta last year, the one called Crypto Currency Conference (CCC), this one has a fair share of promising libertarian speakers (and hopefully audiences too) – like Angela Keaton of Jason King is another ‘celebrity’ figure on the list of speakers.

Bitcoin conferences are usually a weird mix of people who are ‘in’ – a perfect showcase of everything that Satoshi conceived shouldn’t be in the world. They are usually very hierarchical and speakers are carefully chosen to be the ‘biggest names’ as opposed to people who might actually matter or people with good ideas.

We at Crypto Sailor are immune to this, though. If there are good ideas floating around, we’d like to know, no matter where they are coming from. Conferences can also be a good way to meet the people behind the scenes. This conference, especially, has an impressive list of speakers, to be honest.

We’re still thinking on whether to attend or not. The conference has been kept surprisingly quiet though, unlike the Inside Bitcoin conference which proved to be the randomest event earlier this year due to the list of speakers. Yes, there was actually a whole panel discussion for one full hour and not a single person on the entire panel had ever used a Bitcoin to purchase anything, ever! Told you – conferences can get weird like that. But this one sounds better though, with a healthy dose of libertarian speakers thrown in (no Jeffrey Tucker, but Cathy Reisenwitz is invited. I might have to swallow my words later, we’ll see).

Are you attending this conference? If so, let us know! We might just end up sailing there as well!