CoinMetro: A Crypto Project for the Crypto Investors

CoinMetro is a native crypto project, born out of the space, taking cues from the much larger forex market while still retaining its crypto roots. What’s the demand for such a product? Simple – crypto investors deserve better than what the current infrastructure provides, and a comprehensive platform that provides all the needs of crypto investors and traders can see a fast and accelerating update in the community.

How CoinMetro Stands Out

CoinMetro is trying to do a lot of things – sometimes, it feels as if they are trying to do too many things at the same time. However, unless it is able to provide the most comprehensive set of features to the existing crypto community, they are unlikely to see uptake rapidly. This is because competition is stiff, even if the competition may have a lot of issues.

So how does CoinMetro aim to compete? Well, essentially by doing everything that a crypto trader and investor could hope for, and much more.

For example, CoinMetro has an exchange, but there are many other crypto exchanges out there as well. However, it allows for fiat currency trading from the get go. Then, it allows margin trading for the crypto traders. This is a big feature that not many other crypto exchanges provide, that professional traders require to come on to the platform. Even better though – the margin is extended by long-term holders of crypto, not the platform itself.

What this does is to create a marketplace for traders and long-term holders where the long-term holders get to earn ‘interest’ on their crypto savings, while the short-term traders get to leverage their positions and amplify their P&L potential from crypto trading. It’s a win-win really for both these communities.

For regular users, CoinMetro also has a debit card that can be used for everyday goods and services – just like you’d use a regular debit card. Behind the scenes, the crypto assets are sold off and converted to local currencies when you make a purchase. A handy tool built into the platform.

For more advanced crypto traders, CoinMetro has several features unique to the platform. This is because the team understands that if it can get the heavy professional traders onto the platform, it helps with liquidity and forms a positive feedback look attracting many more traders and investors.

So what does CoinMetro provide these pro-traders? Well, for starters, the platform provides superior analytics inspired from the Forex markets that has seen a steady professionalization over the years.

Then, on the functionality side, it offers fairly complex order types. This is useful for the pro-traders – while regular traders and small-time investors likely just use market and limit orders, there are many professional trading strategies that cannot be supported without the use of fairly complex order types that need to be executed reliably.

Finally, for investors and asset managers, the CoinMetro platform allows for the creation and trading of groups of crypto – similar to an ETF style crypto. What this means is, if an investor new to crypto wants exposure to crypto as an asset class, all they need to do is buy one of these ETF-like funds on the platform and they can automatically get exposure to many underlying crypto-assets as opposed to just Bitcoin or other more popular ones.

The crypto market is huge, and there is enough room for a serious competitor that provides a one-stop shop for all of investors’ needs. Can this be CoinMetro?

Check out CoinMetro’s website for more information.

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