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Just browsing the internet today is fraught with perils of loss of privacy. Giants like Google and Facebook track your every move, on or off your website. If you’re using a mobile device and use Android, forget about any expectations of privacy whatsoever. Yes, there is a lot of convenience. But at what cost? Now some people may not care about their personal privacy too much, but that isn’t a universal given. Some of the best works in the world have been done anonymously.

The crypto community especially should be very cognizant of that. After all, the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is still a pseudonymous entity, and no one knows who that person in the ‘real world’ is.  Therefore, if you need more privacy when you’re using the internet in general, there are many tools out there from VPNs to the Tor Network.

Today, we want to introduce you to a brand new crypto project called IPSX for IP Exchange. What this platform does is to have a two-sided marketplace for buyers and sellers of IP addresses.

If you’re a regular computer user, then you will have access to a certain number of IP addresses. This is usually determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you just have a few devices, like a couple of computers, a couple of phones perhaps, then you still have plenty of available IP addresses on your network that are not in use. There is nothing you do with those though – they are just a wasted resource.

But now, thanks to IPSX, you can put these unused resource on their online marketplace. This will then be bought by other people who are looking for enhanced privacy solutions online.

For the people seeking more private solutions, this is a big win because there will be a ready supply of IP addresses to choose from. This product is geared towards a freer internet. There are also many cases where ordinary people want to mask their IP or tell a specific website that they are from a different country. Think of content that is blocked in your jurisdiction, for example. All these problems can be overcome by using a different IP address than the one that has been allocated to you. Tor doesn’t always work, because many of the Tor exit nodes are known and such sites ban those IP addresses already.

IPSX gives you a quick way to rent an IP address, do whatever it is that you were trying to do, and just pay for it conveniently. VPNs can in fact integrate into the IPSX service, and provide their customers with a huge range of IP addresses now to choose from. The reason there are likely going to be a huge number of IP addresses to choose from is because most people don’t actually use anywhere close to the number if IP addresses that they have been allocated, and therefore putting it up on the IPSX marketplace makes sense because you can send up making some money that way.  All payments are made in the native IPSX token for the platform.

Check out more about IPSX and their token sale on their official website.

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