ICONOMI ICO Continues to Impress: 15 More Days to go


ICONOMI continues to perform an impressive job at its ICO. Check the latest ICO stats here. At the time of this writing, over $4.5 million was raised by ICONOMI. That’s an impressive number, even in today’s environment when there are so many ICOs that are competing for investor attention and dollars. If you want to be a part of this ICO, you have just about 2 weeks left now until the ICO finishes.

Changes to total Bitcoin raised in ICO

Originally, ICONOMI started with just a floor on the ICO of 2000 BTC. To be sure, that is also a fairly significant number, since very few ICOs will be able to raise 2000 BTC  (about $1.2 million). However, ICONOMI ICO blew past that number very easily in just a couple of days of the ICO being open. There was no cap on the ICO initially, which meant as the number of investment dollars (or Bitcoin) increased, each person’s share kept decreasing.

Listening to community concerns around this, the ICONOMI team decided to put a cap on the money raised in the ICO. This was a smart move, as they show they are willing to learn and change direction for the betterment of their project, aka they listen to the community that is heavily invested in this project.

So the new limits are as follows: 21,000 BTC hard cap on the ICO. Any amount raised over 10,000 BTC will be invested in the ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE fund.


Right now, the ICO stands around 7600 BTC.

This is a very smart move (although in my opinion, it should be a small percentage even if less than 10,000 BTC is raised) because it gets the flagship fund, ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE off the ground with ready investors – investors that have already shown a willingness to trust the team. This is like a prop-trading account – essentially, a hedge fund investing its own money in one of its funds. That’s exactly what is needed.

So with this one change to the ICO, the ICONOMI project has gotten far more interesting than it was at the beginning. It is not too late for you to invest – here’s the link.

Bounty claim code: ICO3T68g7bnfDVOnqbjlk7ZqdXYnP7fPYNHICONOMI

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