OnLive and the Expertise Marketplace

On the surface, OnLive is a decentralized video broadcasting marketplace. However, in reality, it is an expertise marketplace, which has a high potential addressable market. It also comes at an opportune time right when people in general become comfortable with video broadcasting, especially the newer generations of millennials and Gen-Zs.

Expertise Marketplace

So what is expertise marketplace? Simply put, everyone is an expert in something. Now some might think they are not really experts, but you need to take the definition of an ‘expert’ more broadly. This is because people learn well from others. This means if you know something – anything – better than someone else, then from that person’s point of view, you’re an expert.

Think about everything you do in your daily world. Good with cars? Lawyer? Understand financial information well? Like to play the guitar? Good in social situations? Good with video games? Hell, know how to trade crypto well? Then you’re an expert!

If someone is new to crypto trading, for example, than for him, you’re an expert. You don’t need to be pulling in millions of dollars with that trading, but you can help with the basic stuff at least – which tools to use? Which sites to use for research? Where to find the charts? etc.

People are willing to pay for this information. Why? Well, think about it. If someone were new, they could go and research all of this themselves. It will take them weeks of research. That’s a lot of time, and time has value to most people. So if they need to spend 40 hours researching this versus paying you say $50 for an hour to answer all specific questions they have, then which one do you think they will prefer?

Today’s Market Difficulties

Expertise has a market value. Unfortunately, the costs are very high. For example, how do you find the people who will pay you for your expertise? There isn’t a good way today. However, with a decentralized system, like OnLive, you can potentially find all the people in one single place that isn’t controlled by one startup that will close shop as soon as their venture capital funding runs dry.

That’s why something like OnLive has a lot of potential. It addresses a market that matters, and people can start using it immediately because there is a need from both sides. Best of all, you don’t need to rely on a single company for all this infrastructure – the entire broadcasting industry being built by OnLive is decentralized. You will pay for the broadcast (to the nodes that provide the infrastructure) but that’s minimal compared to the value that you will generate. Truly, a win-win for all sides.

The ONL Token

This is the native token for the OnLive network. You will get paid for your expertise in ONL token, which you can use to pay someone else in the future, or just convert back to ETH.

In fact, the system allows both private and public broadcasts. The case study we described above is for a private broadcast, but it might as well be public. Say you’re going to cover a hot topic today that lots of people are interested in. Well, charge them a small amount to see you broadcast! You can make money that way, and the people can get value out of the material that you provide.

ONL token provides ways for both pay per view and pay per minute type systems. For example, in the above case, say you don’t like the public broadcast, then you can just end it anytime and you will only be charged for the time that you were watching live, not the whole show.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of expertise marketplaces, visit the ONL website and read the whitepaper.

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