Susanne Morgan joins as an Advisor

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We are thrilled to welcome Susanne Morgan to our advisors team.

As an educational platform, we value academic rigour and research-based approach, and Susanne’s over 40 years of experience in academia and education consulting are invaluable to NTOK.

Susanne joined us after recognizing the rising importance of online environments when it comes to the future of education. “In the next five years, we’ll see more peer-to-peer experiences in education. In my 40 years of experience in higher education, every 10 years there’s better focus on individual learner,” said Morgan. “This model of peer-to-peer support takes that even further, I believe that’s the direction things are going. The industry needs flexibility for better individual student learning and getting the resources of teachers and tutors to the individual students, without having to have the physical people together at all times,” she added.

Combining academic excellence with faculty development

Susanne taught sociology at Ithaca College since 1983 and her role at the college was multifaceted. She developed and taught courses in the sociology of health and medicine, sociological research methods, as well as the sociology of aging. She penned over 50 books, published articles, and scholarly presentations on sociology and applied sociology topics.

Her teaching areas were research methods, the Sociology of Health and Medicine, and aging studies. Susan is passionate about the critical value of the sociological imagination, committed to empowering people to enjoy data, fascinated by the effect of social factors on the body. She also deeply cares about health care systems.

She served as department chairperson, coordinator of First Year Seminar program, Faculty Development Activities, and on multiple institutional committees. From 2001, she worked and wrote primarily in the area of faculty development and higher education, and have produced over 50 articles and workshops on higher education topics. She also designed a virtual Center for Faculty Excellence.

Over her years at Ithaca College, she worked institutionally in many ways, including service as department chair, chair of the all-college tenure and promotion committee, and coordinator of the first year seminar program. She also worked to mentor faculty and support departments.

In 2012, Susanne Morgan was awarded the status of Professor Emerita, recognizing her academic achievements over the years.

A Committed Activist

Some years of Susan’s career were spent as a “public sociologist”. She was an activist in women’s health issues, writing the first individually-authored feminist book on a women’s health concern, “Coping with a Hysterectomy,” in 1982. She collaborated with the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective who issued the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

During her time at university, she worked to enhance diversity in academia. Intersections between institutional structures, cultural changes, and faculty experience continuously guided and enriched her faculty work.

A Sought-after Consultant

As an independent faculty development professional, Susanne has over twenty years of experience supporting faculty members and academic organizations. She especially works with clients to improve their teaching, navigate the tenure process, and meet their writing goals. She has written over 100 articles, chapters, books, and presentations in higher education contexts.

Additionally, Susan loves supporting academic writers in building and maintaining a productive writing program, and in navigating career challenges.


Susanne joins other NTOK advisors who are committed to supporting NTOK in solving critical issues of the education industry. Education is out of date in technology adoption, with only a tiny share of the industry online. is on a mission to make cost-effective, high-quality, transparent learning accessible to more internet users worldwide. Our technology enables learning, in particular of foreign languages, through a peer-to-peer technology platform, connecting tutors and students online.

Through the elimination of intermediaries between tutors and students, such as schools, is able to significantly reduce the cost of lessons. Additionally, NTOK token enables access to the database of tutors on a blockchain with decentralized and secure reviews and rankings, as well as streamlines and secures transactions.

Susan Morgan believes that the economics behind NTOK token is closely linked to the actual market trends and needs. “The global nature of the learning environment is something that, in the US, people are hurrying to catch up. Institutions like  a brick and mortar college would invest in supplying this for their students, because they know their students need individual help, and institutions aren’t always able to supply that, without great cost,” stressed Morgan.

Learn more about by visiting our website, reading the whitepaper, or get a quick overview by downloading an easy-to-review one pager.

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