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EncryptoTel on Track to Sell Out ICO Before its End Date

EncryptoTel ICO close to finish

EncryptoTel, a crypto-project that we previously introduced to our readers, is on track to finish its ICO well before its deadline of 31st May, as it nears the maximum amount for the ICO. EncryptoTel has capped their ICO at a value of $3 million, or 31st May, whichever is hit first. As of this writing, the EncryptoTel ICO has already raised $2.4 million of the $3 million maximum. The EncryptoTel ICO started on 24th of April 2017. For enthusiasts, the EncryptoTel ICO is still live at their official ICO site.

EncryptoTel is working on the private telecommunications niche, with a coverage of over 100 countries on the roadmap. In addition, it is offering developer APIs so other products or resellers can use the service while using the EncryptoTel technology in the background.

EncryptoTel is opening up an entirely new niche of crypto products by combining its token not just with another blockchain token, but with the real world. The team, smartly, is focusing on a real problem faced by many in the crypto community and the outside world. However, the people in the crypto community tend to be more privacy conscious, and therefore will be more willing customers.

The reception of the EncryptoTel will tell us a lot about the future adoption of blockchain and the service/product world. EncryptoTel is using the blockchain to create a privacy-focused communications network that can be used by blockchain enthusiasts and others. If it has a successful ICO and subsequent trading, EncryptoTel can pave the path for other companies that are working on products or services while integrating blockchains, without that being the primary product or service.

Therefore the industry participants are closely watching the progress of EncryptoTel ICO. Going by the current statistics, it seems like the ICO would be a success. However, for the token to be considered profitable, it will need to trade at a premium to its ICO price, and attract more investors from the early adopters.

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EncryptoTel – the Future of Private Communications


EncryptoTel is a new crypto-project with an ICO currently ongoing. ┬áIt is quite different from many of the other crypto-projects that you may encounter, in that the product it offers isn’t just another blockchain. Instead, EncryptoTel uses blockchain technology and aims to transform the private telecommunications space – ambitious for sure, but at least something different from all other ICOs we’ve seen recently.

The product being sold by EncryptoTel should make crypto enthusiasts feel right at home. After all, this is a tech-savvy crowd that understands the importance of privacy in everyday life. With the recent NSA revelations, private telecommunications is becoming increasingly important in a global world. And what better way to make use of this than a crypto-project!

EncryptoTel offers dial-up numbers in over 100 countries, which means it has a very wide coverage area already. It uses encryption to ensure private calls, and also has API integrations so you can use it with external services. There are also rewards for onboarding new clients, which can help grow the service beyond its initial roots.

The EncryptoTel ICO is currently ongoing. The crowdsale has a cap of $3 million, and a time until 31st May, whichever comes earlier. Based on the current trends, it looks like the project may be able to raise the full cap of $3 million. As of this writing, the project has already raised $1.58 million worth of crypto. The EncryptoTel ICO also accepts funds in a variety of different currencies, including BTC, ETH, ETC, and Waves.

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