Yumerium Building a Crypto Layer for Online Gaming

Yumerium crypto

Yumerium is building a crypto layer for online gaming. This would help new games and game developers easily add a layer of crypto in their existing games, and also simultaneously be a part of an ecosystem.

The idea is that Yumerium builds a crypto token, called YUM, which can then be integrated by existing online games into their products. This is easier when the game is being developed, but developers can also do this integration after the fact, i.e. after the game has already been developed.

Advantages of Yumerium

So why should online games add Yumerium? There are many reasons for this. Firstly, games can use the YUM token to create incentive structures for influencers. This will help them reach a wider audience than without their help. They can also pay people in YUM to play their games and share it with their friends, thus helping the peer to peer aspect of gaming and marketing. They can also pay people to write about their experience, thus reaching out to the broader gaming community.

But why use YUM for this? The answer lies in the network. If Yumerium can create a thriving ecosystem of players, developers, and influencers, then YUM becomes valuable. This is because you have access to this network. It is no longer just a payment means now.

Game development is a competitive endeavor, and therefore developers look for an edge to promote their game. A crypto layer is another advantage for the game. Gamers can pay in crypto, i.e. YUM token for in-game items. This is a huge revenue source for games already.

New Market Potential

The idea behind Yumerium is that of a network. The network, powered by YUM, could do better than an individual game can. If this proves to be true, what Yumerium is building can become very valuable for game developers.

In addition, don’t forget the new frontiers. We already know that crypto is heavily dominated by the young people i.e. Millennials and Gen-Zers. This is also the prime demographic for crypto. Therefore, gaming and crypto can easily benefit each other. New games can appeal to the crypto community specifically. This is beneficial because the crypto community tends to have money to spend for in-game assets as well. If you don’t believe me, check out the prices of digital cats on Crypto Kitties!

Yumerium plans to build a network of games that can collectively benefit each other just as networks tend to do. Gamers can explore new games, write about them, and share with their friends and get rewarded for it. New games have a community to build into.

To learn more, check out the Yumerium website. They are doing an ICO, so if you  want to invest, be sure to read the whitepaper and understand that investing in token sales can be very risky.

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